We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2019 Project of the Year (Small) award…..

27 Apr 2020

La Salle de spectacle de Repentigny – Ville de Repentigny, Québec

Repentigny’s new performance hall, the Alphonse-Desjardins Theater, was the subject of an architectural competition. “Widen the horizon”. These are the few words that have inspired the design of this majestic place, embodying both the river and the culture in constant effervescence in Repentigny. Adjacent to the Diane-Dufresne Art Center and an integral part of the Cultural Space of Repentigny, the new multifunctional theater is judiciously surmounted by an observatory terrace which offers a panoramic view of the Saint Lawrence river, Île Lebel, the Purification Church, and its cemetery, as well as the city center. The construction of the 35,600 square foot steel structure building is adorned with huge curtain walls of high-performance glass on three facades. The project required more than 392 tonnes (784,000 lbs) of structural steel. The Alphonse-Desjardins Theater includes a modular performance hall which can be converted into three configurations: in the traditional format, with a capacity of 350 seats; in a 250-seat cabaret formula; and standing formula that can accommodate 600 spectators. There are also bleachers that extend into the foyer and tilted and retractable seats. Given its nature and its vocation, the building is equipped with a hydraulic stage and technical gangways for stage equipment. The interior finish provides an assembly of membrane, acoustic wool, and wood panel to ensure acoustic quality. Complexity and challenge: The project comprised of many elements of galvanized architectural structures, and the quality of work and the finish had to be impeccable. In order to respect the unconventional architectural challenge of this project, significant coordination was carried out to integrate the wooden ceiling into the steel structure. Two rows of holes 4’ apart were required on the top and bottom flanges of all roof beams. This considerable coordination and manufacturing challenge would not have been possible without Peddinghaus equipment. Acier Sélect would like to thank their Steel Plus Network partners who contributed to the success of this project:

  • Canam
  • Acier Leroux
  • Pacific Steel
  • Boulons Plus
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Corbec
  • Peddinghaus
  • AS Bond 003