Board of Managers

The SPN Board of Managers has the responsibility to: (i) establish the values and philosophy of the Company; (ii) establish organizational priorities relating to the mission of the Company and monitor and evaluate results achieved; (iii) create, promote, protect and modify the vision of the Company; (iv) determine the strategic direction of the Company; (v) receive and approve the Company’s operating budget on an annual basis; (vi) execute all documents and take all such action as may be necessary to effectuate as Financing Event (vii) evaluate the long-term financial stability of the Company; (viii) evaluate the function and performance of the President/General Manager of the Company, and (ix) plan leadership to ensure quality, succession and continuity of the Board of Managers.

Our Board

Jacques Labbé - Chairman

Trimax Steel

Tel: 418-387-7798

Ed Cote - Vice Chair

Whitemud Ironworks Group Inc.

Tel:  780-701-3295

Tom Skinner - Past Chair

RKO Steel

Tel: 902-468-1322


Victoria Steel

Tel:  519-568-8822

Brian Carmer - Northeastern U.S. Region

Stonebridge Iron & Steel, Inc.

Tel:  518-695-3752

Ken Ballweg - Midwest Region

Endres Manufacturing

Tel:  608-849-4143

Michael Holleran - Canam Group

Canam Joist & Deck North America

Tel:  905-671-3460

Shaun Chistensen - Western US Region

GEM Buildings

Tel:  435-723-5000

Tony Bégin, Canam Group Inc. (Québec)

Canam Group Inc.

Tel:  877-499-6049

Why join SPN's Board of Managers:

Joining a Board of Managers is simply an opportunity to gain great experience in governance, expand your network, support initiatives that are important and relevant to you, and challenge yourself to learn new things and develop a deeper understanding of a wide range of topics. 

Steel Plus Network's Board of Managers provides these opportunities and more. From strategic planning, finance, operations, and governance, you will gain tremendous personal and professional value from joining our Board.

Recruitment process steps


Step 1

Call! Feel free to reach out to Colleen Doucette, President at SPN, to learn more about what it means to be part of this dynamic Board of Managers.


Step 2

Apply! Fill out the attached application form and submit to and the Board will review your application.


Step 3

Welcome! Once your application has been reviewed and the Board has approved it, you will be invited to your first meeting and SPN will let you know what happens from there!

When you serve on a board with leaders who are passionate about making new connections, you will be able to expand your existing community of friends and colleagues, adding influential people with different backgrounds and insights. This new network can be an asset for the rest of your career when you are looking for new executive jobs, additional board roles, or simply to swap ideas with someone who has a different outlook than you.

To Apply, fill out the application form below and submit to Colleen for review