Corbec and Galvanisation Québec Invest $12 Million in their Princeville facility

13 Nov 2020

On behalf of our Preferred Supplier Member – Corbec & Galvanisation Québec:

This investment in our galvanizing plant will increase annual capacity by 40,000 tons

November 12th, 2020, Princeville, Québec – Corbec Inc., the leader in Hot-Dip Galvanizing and Galvanisation Quebec announce today a $12 million investment in a new modern galvanizing line at their existing Princeville facility. This project will create 50 new full-time jobs, increasing employment in The Group to well over 400. This major investment includes a complete new line of galvanizing baths as well as new technology in our existing line that will increase production capacity at the facility by 40,000 tons per year. Construction will begin shortly and be completed by late 2021, without any negative impact to our current activities.

“We are investing in the major expansion of one of our facilities, with the addition of an entire new galvanizing line, in order to increase overall market capacity in Québec. 2020 was a challenging year on many fronts thanks to the global pandemic which notably caused a six-week shutdown followed by severe labor shortages and new protocols that all impact our capacity. Always innovative and eager to best serve our clients, this new investment is a strong example of our ongoing commitment to our clientele”, affirmed Godfroy St-Pierre, President of Corbec Inc.

The Corbec and Galvanisation Québec facility in Princeville continues to serve the “Centre-du Québec” region. The steel products galvanized at this facility cover a wide gamut; from steel structures for bridges and windmills, architectural elements, farming equipment, OEM manufactured goods, and all sorts of other steel products. This expansion will add 30,000 square feet to the existing facility.

About Corbec and Galvanisation Québec:

Founded in 1965 Corbec is the principal galvanizer in central and eastern Canada and has played a leading role for over 55 years. In 2014, Corbec partnered with CBR Laser to create the Galvanisation Québec facility.

The Group, headquartered in Québec operates several state-of-the-art galvanizing facilities; Québec City, Montréal, Hamilton Ontario (opening soon), and Princeville. Including the partnership plant in Princeville, there are over 400 employees.

The Group is active in many industry associations including the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) as well as many other galvanizing and engineering associations worldwide.

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