Praxair: Supplier Spotlight

08 Sep 2020

Praxair is a leader in industrial, medical and specialty gases, offering a wide range of related equipment, technologies and expertise. They sell and distribute gases to a variety of industries and market segments including oil and gas, metals and mining, chemicals, and food and beverage. With one of the most comprehensive and reliable distribution networks in the nation, Praxair’s supply options for gases range from cylinders and cryogenic containers, to microbulk and bulk liquid shipments, and on-site production and pipelines.

Through its retail stores, Praxair provides hardgoods for welding and cutting applications, medical respiratory gases and therapeutic equipment, and equipment for applications requiring high purity gases. Interested in hearing more about Praxair? You’re in the right place!

About Praxair

Praxair’s primary goal is to make the planet more productive, by taking something as essential as air and turning it into ways to make plants operate cleaner and more productively, foods taste better, breathing easier and manufacturing processes more efficient. They rely on their equipment, services and technologies to make our planet more productive, and help their customers become more profitable, efficient and environmentally friendly. Praxair Canada’s homecare business, Medigas, provides physicians and their patients with home oxygen therapy, CPAP and bi-level therapy, and home medical equipment. 

All About Gases

Praxair believes the right gas can help you do more than run an application. It can promise more uptime, lower long-term costs, raise productivity and increase operational flexibility. They always do the work upfront to understand your business goals before recommending a gas. Common gases include carbon dioxide, dry ice, nitrogen and oxygen, and additional gases include ammonia, propane, arsine and carbon monoxide. 

They also know a single pure gas is not always what your application needs. Their experienced chemists and engineers work hard to prepare and certify their line of specialty gas mixtures. They’ve developed a series of purification techniques to remove critical impurities in their blends to make them as effective and stable as possible. Praxair makes sure every customer is provided with reliable, safe and efficient gas handling equipment to help you maximize your productivity. They offer a complete line of equipment to help you meet your most demanding and precise applications. 

Environmental Promise

The work Praxair does is driven by their commitment to sustainable development, emerging environmental regulations and higher standards for eco-efficiency. They’re dedicated to improving their customers’ environmental performance by developing and implementing applications that reduce operating costs, increase process efficiencies and improve environmental performance. 

Have questions for Praxair, or interested in their products and services? Reach out to them today to find out more!