SPN presents our new Value Statement!

25 Jul 2023

We are pleased to present Steel Plus Network’s value statement. We took the time to review our core principles, beliefs, and guiding philosophy which ultimately defined our fundamental values that will guide our actions, decisions, and interactions. By creating a value statement, we are establishing our identity; clarifying SPN’s unique identity and purpose, setting us apart from others in similar industries or sectors. It also aligns our stakeholders; unifying our employees, members, and partners around a common set of principles, fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose. Creating a value statement guides our decision-making, providing a framework for evaluating choices and prioritizing actions that align with our values. An enhanced reputation grows from a value statement, communicating our commitment to ethical practices, social responsibility, and customer-centricity, enhancing our reputation. We foster culture, contributing to a positive and cohesive organizational culture, promoting teamwork, innovation, and accountability. A value statement can also serve to attract other stakeholders; those who are like-minded customers, employees, and partners who resonate with our values. Finally,  by operating in alignment with its core values, Steel Plus Network can achieve long-term success while staying true to its principles.