Wide Flange Beam Inc. : Steel Plus Supplier Spotlight

02 Jun 2020

If you’re in the Edmonton area and in need of wholesale structural steel products, Wide Flange Beam Inc. is at your service! Wide Flange Beam is a specialty structural steel warehouse. They wholesale steel products to customers in metal fabrication, construction, manufacturing and more. Wide Flange Beam sources hard to find steel products, so you can sit back and let them work their magic. With over a decade of experience providing custom-fit solutions in structural steel products, they’re a reliable and professional company you can trust! Read on to find out more about this awesome steel company! 

About Wide Flange Beam Inc.

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Wide Flange Beam Inc. is a structural steel service centre that provides wholesale structural steel products to customers in various industries, including oilfield, metal fabrication, construction, manufacturing and resale. As a specialty structural steel warehouse, they’re able to stock the premier steel inventory for their region. 

Their decision to focus and specialize in these products ensures timely delivery and superior knowledge of their products. Their services are ultimately customer-focused and service-driven, offering readily available inventory. Founded in 2000, Wide Flange Beam is a proud, locally owned Canadian company that is known for its high-quality customer service. 

Products and Services

Wide Flange Beam offers a large ready-to-ship inventory including beams, channels, and square rectangular tubing. They’re recognized throughout the industry as a company that is willing to source those difficult to find steel products. They’re also known for prompt distribution and delivery with their own trucks, and offer to pre-process with their cut to length service, helping you meet your project requirements. 

Wide Flange Beam is proud to support several charities on an on-going basis. Each year they choose local, national and international organizations as part of their commitment to aid the underprivileged. Their unparalleled services and products, mixed with their charitable endeavours have earned them the utmost respect in their industry. 

Wide Flange Beam Inc. is an amazing Canadian steel company that puts in the time and work to ensure your projects are done with the utmost care and professionalism. Contact them today if you’re in the market for structural steel products and services!